Did you know that post frame construction is an incredibly popular building method that has stood the test of time? In essence, post frame construction is an engineered wood-frame building system that features large, solid sawn posts and or laminated columns instead of wood studs, steel framing, or concrete masonry. Post frame buildings offer a great deal of benefits to property owners due to the fact that the design of the structure provides for clear spans that can reach upwards of one hundred (100) feet long.

In essence, post frame construction utilizes lower overall construction costs, faster completion times, more overall efficiency, and a limited amount of maintenance. Post frame construction gives builders the option to erect structures in a faster manner when compared to other types of building systems. This is due to the larger posts and interlocking frame that has the ability to handle far greater loads than stud-wall construction.

Since the posts are spaced significantly farther apart compared to wall studs, post frame construction features an incredibly large wall cavity. This allows even more room for insulation in the walls. With significantly deeper recesses and much wider spacing, the insulation materials can be a lot thicker and have fewer breaks. The fact of the matter is that it minimizes opportunities for energy transfer, which of course makes post frame construction far more energy efficient when compared to stick frame construction.

For cost conscious property owners and environmentally friendly building owners this is an important aspect because it lowers both heating and cooling costs for the entire life span of the structure. Post frame construction can be utilized on multiple foundation options in order to have the ability to adapt to a wide variety of site and climate conditions. For example, buildings can be constructed on concrete columns in the ground, columns that are mounted on a monolithic slab or over a basement.

In addition, just about any kind of exterior facade can be installed with post frame construction. That means your post frame building can be designed with the highest level of aesthetics and quality standards in mind. Post frame construction building feature open spaces. Since they utilize large posts and trusses in order to create the structural unit, post frame buildings do not require interior support walls unlike the stick frame construction method. This is a tremendous benefit for property owners who need larger open spaces.

Once again, post frame construction can span as far as one hundred (100) feet long. In essence, it’s the perfect construction method for agricultural buildings, equestrian barns and arenas, workshops, and storage units. In conclusion, post frame construction is an incredibly efficient and economical option for a vast variety of building projects.

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