Is bathroom remodeling worth it? If you’re a homeowner in Connecticut or Massachusetts you may be thinking about doing a home improvement project. Interest rates for home improvement loans, home equity loans, and second mortgages are at an all time low. Property values are at an all time high. It just may be the perfect time to take on a major renovation project. The question is which direction should you go in? You can always start in the bathroom. In fact, a great deal of homeowners take part in bathroom remodeling projects. There are many reasons why.

First and foremost, you want to feel good about your space. Your day starts off in the bathroom so you certainly want to have a positive experience. If your bathroom is old than the faucet, sink, shower, and or toilet may not be working properly. That’s not a good start to your day. Believe it or not, if your bathroom is outdated it can put you in a negative mood. That’s not a good way to start your day either. The good news is that bathroom remodeling can make a tremendous difference on how you start your day. For example, imagine stepping into your new bathroom first thing in the morning.

Everything is new and updated and looking great. The bathroom appliances and fixtures work as they should. The colors match perfectly. Can you picture the smile that it will put on your face? In the minimum a bathroom remodeling project will provide you with a sense of satisfaction. However, it will also add value to your real estate. That means you can totally enjoy your brand new bathroom and realize a nice return on your investment if you decide to sell the property. It will also increase the appraisal value in case you decide to refinance.

That can come in handy when it comes to qualifying for the lowest interest rates. However, there’s more to bathroom remodeling than enjoyment and property value. Bathroom remodeling also provides you with the chance to upgrade to energy efficient products such as the toilet, shower head and faucet. That will save you a tremendous amount of money on your energy bills each month. Over time those savings add up. You can also gain more storage space with a bathroom remodeling project.

Perhaps your family has grown and the current bathroom is just too small to accommodate everyone. By enhancing the storage space in your bathroom it will help keep things neat and clean. It will also be a lot easier to store bathroom related products that you don’t want to keep in the open such as toilet paper. Last but certainly not least, most people end their day and start their evening in the bathroom. For example, there is nothing like taking a relaxing shower or soothing hot tub in your brand new bathroom after a long day of work or taking care of the children.

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