Getting your project started is a click away. No matter how complex, your dream shouldn’t be so complicated. Here at D.B.C. solutions we offer a unique and incredibly comprehensive approach to your building needs. Whether it is a full-scale construction or a simple renovation, we’ll guide you through every step of the way, and help you reach your goals. Our project delivery system is meant to give you peace of mind and, more importantly, reach your costs — and deliver on time. On budget, and on schedule. Our process is innovative, intuitive, and flexible to each client’s desire. Start your renovation today. 

Our Process at a glance

Want to know what’s the biggest catch-22 in construction when it comes to designing and building projects? Well, according to various studies it’s the idea that cutting corners can end up saving you a lot of money. Various peer-reviewed papers, including one published by the American Society of Civil Engineers, correlated the different costs between the two traditional construction delivery methods — Design-Build (DB) and Design-Bid-Build (DBD).

What’s the Design-Build Method in Construction?

Design-Build is when you hire one firm, one company, to spearhead your whole operation. To take on all the heavy lifting, There’s one project manager that shepherds and administers not only your design team but also your construction crew. Both key sectors working in unison under the supervision of this overseer. It’s pure synergy. 

It’s far more comprehensive and optimized. 

What is Design-Bid-Build in Construction?

The Design-Bid-Build method, also known as design tender, works under a different optic. It’s a bit looser and a bit more DIY when it comes to homeowners. In what way? Well, in a nutshell, the homeowner is the overall project manager. You have two different teams – a firm that designs your project, delivers said blueprints, and then a construction crew that builds it. In this strategy, the homeowner tries to save a buck or two, by negotiating each instance of their project with different firms. Each of these companies only assumes responsibility for their phase of the project. It’s more complex, more harrowing, and counterintuitive. 

The general thought is that, by shopping around for bids, the homeowner can in fact find a more affordable option. Unfortunately, studies have shown, time after time, that in most cases costs actually sky-rocket by up to 43%.

Why? Since there is no cooperation between teams, when a problem arises, or an obstacle needs a workaround, the home-owner has to to go back to the drawing board, and contact the design team. This in turn produces risks, delays, and costs. 

D.B.C Solution’s Promise

Our process is mostly built on a Design-Build delivery method. Our teams work in unison and have experience interacting with each other. We make dynamic decisions based on your vision and your ultimate goal. Both the construction crew as well as the designers can holistically interpret your idea — with vital input from both sectors. 

  • Our teams are up-to-date with current construction costs and equipment available. 
  • Both teams work in tandem, giving you precious notes on your idea, which in turn will help lower the cost and give you a better quality product. 
  • There is open transparency between all our team members. You won’t have to be the go-between. Our project manager will be your coordinator. You’ll only have to talk to one person and be certain that your commands are being communicated down the line.
  • We offer an incredibly fast delivery method — both teams working in unison have that advantage.
  • Faster reaction times when dealing with unforeseen circumstances or challenges.
  • One-stop-shop — saving you headaches, allowing you to sleep easier, and giving you a well-rounded project.
  • Accountability — since we take on the responsibility of the whole project, D.B.C Solutions is accountable for any oversight or issue. Normally, when contracting different firms for each phase – one for design and the other for construction – they will have a habit of blaming the other when something hits a snag.

Step by Step Guide on How To Get Your Home Renovation Project Started

Our process is simple and easy to navigate. The most important thing to understand, that one factor we have to highlight, is that YOU are part of the project. We will do everything within our power to make your idea and vision come to life. We will engage you every step of the way to give you a project that not only meets your demands but exceeds them.

Contact Us

Click on the following link and fill out our contact form. Include as much detail about your project as you have on hand. This includes photos, pictures downloaded off the next, inspirational images, dimensions, whatever you think is pertinent. Then schedule a telephone consultation. 

Well scour through your vision board and email you calendar links so we can chat about your project.

Initial Phone Call

We’ll phone you up and start hatching out your project. What you want to do, what we recommend, and maybe hand out a few tidbits you hadn’t considered. Help you come up with a project that’s just right — Goldilocks perfect. 

Once we understand exactly what you’re looking for we’ll start to draw a timeline and budget — give you an estimate that very day on the phone.

If it feels right, we’ll schedule an in-home consultation. 

On-site consultation

Now the ball is rolling and that pan just made a spark. Our consultant and design team, along with the project manager, will visit your property. We’ll start to get renderings, dimensions and map the area to provide you with a design that you’ll love. 

Once we give you a design that is just right, and we sign an agreement and we can start on renderings.


You just sit back and let us do all the hard work. That is, after all, what you’re paying us for. For our clients, this is the easiest and most exciting part. If we stumble on a hiccup, a “whoa moment” as we like to call them, that’s our problem, not yours.

DBC Solutions

Enjoy your new space today. Get that dream out of your head and make it a reality. With our process, it’s as easy as One, Two, Three.