Popular Types of Home Additions. Is your family is outgrowing your current home? A home addition may be a better idea than moving to a new home. In addition, they typically prove to be a good investment. Homeowners require additions for a number of reasons. For example, you may have purchased your home when you were single or a young couple. Now that you have children you need an extra bedroom or bedrooms and perhaps another bathroom. A great deal of homeowners ends up taking care of their parents when they get older, which means you could greatly benefit from building an in-law suite.

Perhaps your current home is a bit too small and it has nothing to do with adding family members. You may simply need more closet space or a dedicated area for your hobby. If you’re like the vast majority of people, you spend more time in your home than anywhere else so, it’s important to make the most of it. Here are some popular types of home additions that will increase both your square footage and the value of your home.

Build A Second Story

A great way to add a significant amount of space to your home is by building a second story. In many cases it can nearly double the amount of your current square footage. It also adds a significant amount of value to your real estate. Before you get too excited about building a second story it’s necessary to work with a professional that has the ability to determine if your foundation can actually handle the additional weight. Assuming that it can, a second story is the perfect way to add rooms and a bathroom or two to your current home.

Build A Room Over The Garage

Adding a room over the garage is a cost-effective way to build an addition to your home. The foundation is already in place and some of the structural elements may be as well. Once again, it’s important to check with a professional that has the ability to determine if the current structure can handle the weight of the new room. You can use the room for basically anything you need including a bedroom, playroom, in-law suite, and art studio or storage area. Some homeowners build a room over their garage in order to create a small apartment for older children or paying tenants.

Build A Dormer And Finish Your Attic

Dormers add a significant amount of curb appeal because they happen to make your home look bigger and more complete from the outside. Dormers are a great investment because adding curb appeal also means that you’re adding value to your home. Dormers also serve another important purpose. From an inside point of view, they significantly expand the attic space. If you build dormers, you may also want to consider finishing the attic itself in order to turn it into a fully functional room.

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