Ways To Avoid Stress During a Home Addition Project. You’ve decided to add an addition to your home because you’ve recently outgrown your current residence. You fully realize that the addition is a far better choice than moving to a bigger house. Housing prices across Connecticut and Massachusetts are at an all-time high. People are getting into bidding wars and end up paying a lot more than the original asking price. It’s almost out of control.  Although it may be a good time to scale down from a larger house to a smaller one, you’re in the exact opposite position.

So, you’re much better off staying put and adding to what you already have. However, every remodeling project tends to create a bit of stress. The daily presence of contractors can leave you and your family feeling a bit on edge. Many people feel as if their home is not their own during the construction phase. If you don’t know what to expect it can make matters worse. For example, the contractor may need to shut the water off in the entire house for a few hours in order to connect the new plumbing appliances. That’s not a big deal if you’re aware of this ahead of time and plan according.

Then again, if they shut off the water while you’re in the middle of your morning shower and you need to get to work, that can be a real annoyance to say the least. The good news is that an experienced home addition company that truly cares about customer service will effectively communicate with you on a daily basis. That way you and your family will know exactly what to expect as the project moves ahead. Your home addition project should be a smooth process that’s managed properly. Otherwise, it won’t allow you to stick to your normal routine and schedule for the majority of the work.

Speaking of schedule, it’s incredibly important to have your home improvement contract provide you with an accurate schedule of the work to be performed prior to the start of your home addition project. That will provide you with the ability to plan for each and every stage of the project from start to finish. In essence, the work schedule will provide you and your family with a timetable of the construction related events that are about to take place. That way you’ll be able to properly prepare for everything, which of course will significantly reduce your stress level.

You do need to keep in mind that construction schedules tend to change frequently, and delays can easily occur. For example, materials may not be delivered on time, or the weather may shut down the project for a day or two. The important thing here is that your contractor talks to you about each and every update to the work schedule so that you can make the necessary adjustments.

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