If you have a large home improvement undertaking in mind, like an addition, you may be asking yourself the following question. Who will be doing the physical labor on my project? Most homeowners hire a general contractor to handle everything. In essence, they are responsible for all tasks related to your project from the planning stages to the completion of the job. The bottom line is that the general contractor is the planner that works with you for the entire project. Subcontractors on the other hand come and go from the jobsite, as they are needed.

They specialize in particular areas of the construction process. Subcontractors perform the physical labor that is needed to complete each task in the process. Subcontractors handle tasks such as excavation for the foundation, putting up the forms for the foundation, and pouring the concrete for the foundation. Subcontractors also perform the framing work, electrical work, plumbing work, plastering or installation of the drywall, and finish carpentry work for your project.

It should be noted that some general contractors are also carpenters and handle the rough and or finish carpentry duties themselves. In that case, the general contractor will be doing some of the physical labor on your project. General contractors also hire subcontractors to do the interior and exterior painting, and installation of the flooring materials such as wood floors, carpeting, and tile. Once the sub-contractor is finished with their particular job, they go on to the next jobsite. The sub-contractors are responsible for managing their own crews.

However, the crew chiefs are responsible for answering to the general contractor. Part of the general contractor’s job is to hire subcontractors that will get the job done on time and on budget. The general contractor is ultimately responsible for the construction schedule and timeframe for completion of the job. That means they must organize and schedule the subcontractors to work at the appropriate times. For example, the framers can’t start work until the foundation is ready. The painters can’t start working until the plaster or drywall work is complete.

The general contractor actually has a complex and complicated job. They are ultimately responsible for how long your home improvement project will take and the quality of work that goes into it. Some homeowners attempt to play the role of the general contractor by hiring subcontractors directly and managing the job. Unless you know exactly what you’re doing, hiring and managing the sub-contractors yourself is never a smart idea. When you hire a general contractor to be in charge of your project, it takes the management responsibilities off of your plate. That way you can spend your time on other things that are important to you.

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