Did you know that the vast majority of successful businesses have one thing in common? They focus on providing a high level of customer service. The same should hold true whenever you’re hiring a home improvement contractor to work on your home. This applies to all projects from the smallest bathroom remodels to the largest home additions and everything in between. So, is your home improvement contractor good at customer service? The following information will help you determine that.

First and foremost, it’s important to conduct a thorough interview with any home improvement contractor that you’re even thinking about hiring, let alone before signing the contract. Interviews are important to get to know the company ahead of time. They should be able to answer all of your questions in a calm and truthful manner.  You can tell a lot about the home improvement company and the people who work for the organization this way. For example, if they appear nervous, or are starting to get aggravated with your line of questions it shows that their customer service is most likely not up to par.

In essence, the representative should be able to speak to all of your concerns without appearing as if they’re lying to cover up something. The conversation is also the perfect opportunity to see how your personality meshes with theirs. Let the home improvement contractor know about your preferences, like how you’d like to communicate, as well as your timeline and budget at this stage. You also need to use your gut instinct here. If you get a bad vibe don’t walk away, run. On the other hand, if you get a good vibe, everything else checks out, and you’re happy with the price and payment structure then it’s time to give some serious consideration to hiring them.

When we just mentioned that everything else needs to be checked out, we mean that you need to conduct a little bit of research on any home improvement contractor that you’re considering. You should actually conduct the research prior to making initial contact with them. That way you can weed out the bad apples before you waste any time speaking to them. The first place to start is by checking online review sites. If the home improvement contractor is doing shoddy work or even scamming customers, there will be a bunch of complaints online.

If they are bad at customer service, people will complain about that too on the online review sites. Once you have a few home improvement contractors in the running ask to see a copy of their license and insurance. If they don’t have a contractor’s license and or business insurance, it’s a tell-tale sign that something is not quite right. Chances are high that they won’t provide you with good customer service or even do a good job when it comes to the finished product. You should also ask for a reference list of happy customers. Any decent home improvement contractor that’s been in a business a while will be proud to supply it.

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