Did you know that there are many reasons to hire a design and build contractor for your home addition? In essence, a design and build contractor takes care of all the various aspects of both the design phase and the construction phase so that your project will be as seamless as possible. The design and build model is so popular because it provides more accurate estimates, a far more efficient process, and works within your budget. It also affords far more accountability, flexibility, transparency, and clearer communications between all parties involved in the project from start to finish.

So, what exactly is a design and build contractor? In essence, one organization handles the entire renovation process from the very first meeting with the design team to completion of your home addition. The design and build contractor is responsible for creating the construction drawings/blueprints, pulling construction permits, and purchasing materials. The contractor is also responsible for the entire construction phase. Having everything under one roof goes a long way in making things run as efficiently as humanly possible. So, what does the design phase look like? At the introductory meeting, we’ll get to know you and you’ll get to know us.

We’ll also ask you some design related questions like how you’d like to improve your existing home, what your actual needs are, and if you have any particular ideas that you want included in the new space. We’ll also review your budget in relation to the project at hand. Once we have a solid idea of the scope of the project we will present an initial cost estimate to you and an initial project time frame. When you hire us, the design team will meet with you in order to get more specific details about the space and your sense of style. From that point the design team will create renderings of the style ideas and layout of the addition.

Once that is complete, you will review the drawing with the design team. Upon your approval the drawings will be finalized so that the construction phase can begin. When you work with a design and build contractor it will help ensure that the costs will stay in line with the final estimate and project budget. If you were to hire an architect and a separate building contractor, you may very well find that the overall costs of the project are significantly higher. This is due to the fact that an architect is only concerned with the design phase of the project. They’re not paying nearly as much attention to how much it will cost to build the addition.

However, a design and build firm will design the project with the construction phase in mind as well because both divisions are part of the same company. The bottom line is that with a design and build contractor the architect will design your project based on the construction costs in relation to your budget.

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