Timothy Christian Field Crew Member

Timothy Christian

Field Crew Member

Timothy Christian is a valued field team member at DBC Solutions. He has over eight years of experience working in the field for a family-owned plastering business. Timothy has also delivered steel for a large metal materials business. Those jobs provided him a unique opportunity to learn how the construction industry works from both the contractor perspective, and materials supplier point of view. There truly are not a lot of professionals who can claim that. After Timothy graduated high school in 2015, he attended classes at the Technology Learning Center for HVAC, wastewater treatment, and boiler operation, where he also learned a lot about the construction industry.

Timothy loves spending time with his three siblings, and large extended family when he’s not working. He also enjoys working on old cars and motorcycles, doing home improvement projects for himself and his family, and having outdoor adventures during his free time. Timothy truly appreciates his job at DBC Solutions and is happy being on the various job sites where he gains first-hand knowledge on a daily basis. Timothy has always liked working with his hands on construction related projects and took to it from a young age. Timothy joined the company in order to pursue a career in carpentry. He is encouraged to take great pride in his work and to also go the extra mile for the clients. This is an attribute that is felt throughout DBC Solutions and initially attracted Timothy to the business. Timothy currently resides in Charlton, MA.