Do you live in a newer house that was constructed to generic standards? Perhaps you would like to add some sales appeal to your current home? Maybe you own an older home that could use a bit of customization in order to meet both your standards and your style. DBC can provide you with those much-needed upgrades that will turn your house into a home that you will absolutely love in a relatively simple and cost effective way.

We are a highly experienced custom carpentry company in CT that knows exactly what your projects need from a structural perspective. We also incorporate your exact styles and taste into the overall design so that you can feel like you’re living in a custom built home when the project or projects are finished. Did you know that trim and finish carpentry define your home as much as any other aspect of the house? The good news is that your options are far ranging in this area.

For example, you can choose from a high quality, basic trim design to a far more elaborate design that your guests will notice right away. You also need to be aware of the fact that trim and finish carpentry styles can vary from room to room. You may want to have the most elegant formal dining room possible and fairly plain bedrooms with a nearly invisible style that basically transitions from ceilings and floors, walls and doors. Decorative highlights also add an interesting touch.

They can be as simple as a statement piece mantle that is mounted over the fireplace, or an extravagant custom-built entertainment center that takes up an entire wall or even area in a room. Decorative highlights can also include such things as fluted door casings and dentil crown molding.

We will then create an appropriate plan of action so that you can actually achieve the look that you’ve always dreamed of. Last but certainly not least; you can completely customize the look and feel of your home with custom cabinetry. They say that custom designed and built cabinetry is where you truly see the talent of a woodworker. The custom cabinets do not need to be limited to the kitchen, although they can be the centerpiece of any remodeling project in that area of your home.

In essence, you can have custom built cabinets installed as a shelving solution, as a vanity in a bathroom, or even as a storage solution in the garage to name a few places where they fit in nicely. The bottom line is that custom built cabinetry adds quite a bit of beauty to any room in your home. They can also supply you with some much-needed practicality in the form of additional storage space.

For more information about our custom carpentry services please contact us today at 860-341-6373. DBC Solutions takes great pride in providing the highest quality custom carpentry and contracting services in the home improvement industry. Our business model has been the same for 17 years. Doing things the right way the first time every time is the only way to do it.