Wainscoting Is Custom Carpentry That Enhances Your Home. Did you know that wainscoting has been a distinctive design element in interior homes for centuries? Although it went away for a bit, due to the development of tract housing across the United States, it’s finding resurgence in high-end luxury homes. So, what exactly is wainscoting? You’ve probably heard the term before, but you may not know exactly what it means. Wainscoting is a home design feature in which solid wooden panels are installed across a portion of a room’s wall. In essence, it’s incredibly fancy decorative wall paneling.

Back in the old days, wainscoting was only installed across the bottom half of a wall at chair-height. The solid wood panels provided a bit of insulation, and also protected the walls from scrapes and scuff from the back of chairs. In the current day and age, wainscoting is solely used as a design feature. Wainscoting has long been known to enhance the architectural features of any room in your home. This is due to the fact that it adds three-dimensional depth to flat surfaces. It also adds a bit of texture to those flat surfaces. Both the uses and styles of wainscoting have changed throughout the years.

We longer need solid wood panels to insulate our walls since insulation is now installed inside of our walls. That has led to far more creative custom carpentry projects. That being stated, there are four (4) basic wainscoting styles such as flat panel, raised panel, overall panel, and board and batten. Any of these styles can be customized to fit your personal tastes the other design elements in the room. You don’t need to stick to the traditional wainscoting height on your wall or walls. Some people choose to have it run all the way up to the ceiling in order to create a more modern design.

You can also choose to pair the traditional wainscoting style with a more modern version. The bottom line is that wainscoting not only upgrades the design of the room, it takes it to an entirely new level. In many cases, wainscoting turns boring walls into eye catching interior design features. Plain walls tend to disappear into the surroundings. When that happens, your room will appear to be unfinished as if it’s missing something. The good news is that wainscoting completes the finished look and feel of the room.

Many homeowners paint the wainscoting a different color as the rest of the wall. That can provide your room with the contrast that it needs to truly stand out. You can get incredibly creative with the paint scheme once the wainscoting is installed. For example, you may decide to paint the panel’s different colors or paint the trim that separates the wainscoting from the rest of the wall a different color.

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