You’re thinking about remodeling a bathroom in your house. Good for you, it’s a great project that will increase both the enjoyment factor and value of your home. You can probably picture in your mind exactly what you want your new bathroom to look and feel like. However, before you take any actions, it’s important for you to know how the bathroom remodel works and how long it will take from start to finish. That includes the planning stages. For example, the process starts with the design phase. That can take anywhere from one to four (1-4) weeks.

Before our contractor starts any work, some preliminary work needs to take place. You obviously have a good idea of what you want; however, you do need to go over your plans with your contractor. The contractor will need to measure the room, discuss the items and features that you want to include in the project, and lay out the design. Once the design phase is complete, your contractor will be able to provide you with an accurate estimate of the construction costs.

When the design of your bathroom remodeling project is finalized and you and the contractor agree upon the price, the contractor will start to order the construction materials. The materials can take anywhere from one to eight (1-8) weeks to arrive on average depending on availability. You do need to keep in mind that the timeframe can be even longer if you order custom items and or your fixtures are being shipped from overseas. Now comes the fun part. The construction phase is where everything starts to actually take shape.

However, it’s also the most inconvenient part of the bathroom remodeling project for the homeowner. For example, you may not be able to use the bathroom for long stretches of time during the construction phase. If you only have one bathroom in your home, it can be tricky. You will really need to communicate with your contractor in regards to the expected downtime so you can plan accordingly. The construction phase typically takes anywhere from three to five (3-5) weeks from start to finish including cleanup.

Once the construction phase is complete, you can start using your new bathroom. However, you do need to be aware of complications that may arise. Multiple things can happen that will affect the timeline to complete your project. For example, when your old bathroom is being demolished the contractor may discover mold or rot that needs to be fixed before construction can proceed.

Products may need to be replaced because they arrive damaged. Once again, your special order or custom items may take longer to arrive than expected. No matter what, you should always expect the unexpected. That way, when it happens you won’t be too stressed out about it.

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