When most homeowners think of a basement remodeling project, they picture adding an extra bedroom or two, a space for the children to play, and perhaps additional storage space. Although adding a bedroom or playroom in the basement is still a popular thing to do, homeowners are now expanding upon the space and turning their basements into something truly special and far more functional. So, without further ado, here are the five best basement remodeling ideas that you will actually use.

Basement Reading Nook 

Sometimes basement remodeling projects only need to involve a small space in order to make a significant impact. The space under the stairs has a lot of potential that most homeowners don’t think about. For example, you can turn that dark and dusty closet into an awesome reading nook. Design details such as a wall sconce, custom trim work, and a rich paint color will completely transform the look and use of this once wasted space.

Basement Bar

Do you like to entertain family, friends, neighbors, and or co-workers, but feel that you don’t currently have the best set up? If you answered yes to this question, then adding a basement bar is the perfect solution. You can design your basement bar any way that you want from plain to fancy and everything in between.  Many homeowners choose a sports bar theme. Once the construction work is done you can hang posters, pictures, signs, and sports memorabilia from your favorite team or teams. Don’t forget to hang a large screen television on the wall so you can actually watch your teams in action.

Basement Movie Theater

Your basement is actually the perfect area in your home to add a home movie theater. Do you know why? It’s because the space is already dark and lacks natural light. The furniture and accessories will go a long way in making the space feel like an actual movie theater. For example, hanging some framed movie posters on the walls, adding leather theater chairs, and painting the walls in a dark color will go a long way in creating the movie theater look and feel.

Basement Guest Suite

If you have overnight guests at your home on a regular basis then a great basement remodeling project is adding a guest suite. This can also be used as an in-law apartment, or even a rental apartment as long as it has its own access from outside. Of course, creating a guest suite takes more than simply adding a bedroom. You need to also add a full bathroom and kitchenette. It’s important to make sure that all of the rooms within the guest suite  flow with each other.

Basement Craft Room

Did you know that if you have an odd-shaped or small space in your basement it could be the perfect area for a craft room. It can be as simple as adding some walls, floor, ceiling and lighting. You’ll also need a solid work table and plenty of shelving and cabinets for storing items.

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