Do you love your house but feel as if you need more space? If so, you should give some serious consideration to adding an addition to your home. It’s the most effective method of adding that much needed square footage. In essence, a new room addition is the perfect way to transform your property and make it big enough so that you and your family can live more comfortably. Building an addition is not an easy task. That’s why you need to choose to work with a design and build team that will be there for you each and every step of the way. Owning your own home is a dream for a great deal of people.

When you purchased your existing home it was the right choice for many reasons. However, as time goes by your needs tend to change. The additional space of a home addition can go a long way in making your life even better. First and foremost, it will provide you with multiple possibilities. Adding more space is usually high on the wish list when it comes to updating a home. Adding a new room is the perfect solution for adding more space. For example, adding a bedroom will provide you with added square footage that can be utilized as a bedroom space, but it can also  be used as a home office, playroom, or nursery to name a few uses.

In addition, the added space may serve a particular purpose at one point in your life and a different purpose down the road. For example, you may need an additional bedroom because you’re adding to your family. However, when the children move out at some point down the road, the room can be transformed into a hobby space. A new addition also adds value to your real estate. For example, a three bedroom house is far more valuable than a two bedroom house. In addition, if you turn your addition into a home gym, or office space, it will make your home more attractive to potential buyers.

Chances are you will eventually sell at some point in the future. Adding value to your home now will only help that process whenever you’re ready. Last but certainly not least, a home addition is a much better solution than moving to a new property. This holds especially true if you like your home and your neighborhood. Moving to a larger house will require you to establish new relationships and routines. Your children will need to go to different schools away from their friends. The packaging and unpacking is certainly a hassle.

Adding an addition to your current home is a lot less expensive than purchasing a new home in today’s real estate market that completely favors the sellers. Not to mention that the cost of moving is incredibly expensive as well.

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