Having your bathroom remodeled can be both exciting and stressful at the same time. The good news is that if you’re aware of the bathroom remodeling stages you will know exactly what to expect and when certain activities will take place. On that note, it’s important to work with a top-notch bathroom remodeling contractor who will explain the various steps of the process ahead of time and communicate with you properly. Most homeowners are completely unaware of the stages that are included in a bathroom remodeling project. The first stage is based on planning. It plays an important role because planning sets the tone for the entire project.

You will sit down with the bathroom designer and explain exactly what you want your new bathroom to look and feel like. You will also review your budget.  The bathroom designer will then create a floor plan for your project. Once the floor plan is complete, it’s time to choose the finish materials, plumbing fixtures, lighting fixtures, bathroom hardware, and color scheme. The next step is the demolition phase. This is where all of the old stuff is removed. If the layout is different from your old bathroom, partition walls may be removed as well. The demolition phase is exciting because the project is officially underway.

However, it’s also the point when you can no longer use the bathroom until the job is at or at least near completion. That means you need to plan accordingly from a logistics standpoint. Once demolition is complete and everything is cleaned up, the installation phase can begin. This phase is the most exciting because you’ll be able to see your bathroom take shape. It starts with the installation of new partition walls.  Keep in mind that you’ll only need new partition walls if you’re changing the layout of your existing bathroom, meaning moving the toilet, shower, and sink to a different part of the room.

In essence, if your new bathroom requires any rough electric or plumbing work, that takes place once the partition walls are framed. The next step is to drywall the partition walls. Once that’s complete, all of the walls, including the original ones and the ceiling can be painted or wallpapered. If you’re choosing paint, we highly recommend either a satin or semi-gloss finish. Both choices look great, are resistant to heavy moisture, and can be cleaned off with a sponge. Once the painting is complete, your contractor will install the flooring and wall tiles.

The shower is installed next whether it’s a glass shower door with glass surround, or something as simple as a curtain rod. The next step is to install the ceiling lights, wall lights, and exhaust fan. The sink, and other new plumbing fixtures such as the toilet are installed next, along with the vanity. The bathroom hardware, such as towel bars, and electrical switch plates will be installed last. At this point your new bathroom is complete.

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