Did you know that kitchen cabinet hardware is the most overlooked design item in the entire kitchen remodeling process? However, the items that you choose can easily make a significant difference when it comes to the final outcome of the project. That’s why it’s so important to pay some attention to the kitchen cabinet hardware including knobs, handles, and pulls. You may have chosen your appliances, flooring, cabinets, countertops and even the backsplash. Your kitchen design is starting to truly come together.

You’ve already made a plethora of decisions. However, you need to make one more decision regarding the hardware that’s going to be installed on your kitchen cabinets and draws. First and foremost, sleek and slim pulls are incredibly popular these days and that trend should continue well into the future. Modern bar pulls look good on the vast majority of cabinets and come in many finishes. That makes them an incredibly flexible design choice. In addition, modern bar pulls look great in flat black finishes.

Dark finishes for kitchen cabinet hardware certainly are not a new trend, however the richer darkness of flat or matte black is a relatively new trend. The finish looks great with white cabinets, which are also a recent and popular trend. Both copper and gold finished kitchen cabinet hardware adds a rich and warm tone to the kitchen. Although the copper look has been around forever, gold-toned finishes are a relatively new trend. They are available in a deep and rich brushed finish that looks amazing on both dark and light cabinets. In addition, copper and gold-toned cabinet hardware provides a more formal look.

Weathered nickel and brass finishes provide an additional depth to kitchen cabinet hardware, especially knobs and handles. In fact, brushed nickel finishes have been around for a long time and still remain popular today. However, nickel finishes have a totally different look from a design related standpoint. In essence, they have a bit more dimension. This aspect makes weather nickel finished cabinet hardware perfect for farmhouse and shaker style kitchens. Last, but certainly not least, exposed screws is another recent kitchen cabinet hardware trend.

Cabinet hardware designers have been hiding the concept that knobs, handles, and pulls are screwed into kitchen cabinets and draws. However, a new trend is now exposing those screws. Why you may ask? Showing the screws adds a retro-like industrial feel to modern kitchens. It’s a subtle touch that can make a big difference on how your kitchen looks and feels. The idea of exposed kitchen cabinet hardware screws also works best with farmhouse and shaker kitchens. They do not go well with either minimalist or formal kitchen designs.

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