A full basement remodel is an exciting project that will add a significant amount of livable space to your home. It’s also a great opportunity to incorporate a room or multiple rooms that you’ve always wanted to have such as a movie theater, bar area, or apartment to name a few. When you start to think about and then plan a basement remodel, it’s important that you fully understand how long the various steps will take and what occurs during the different phases of the project. The following information will answer your questions regarding what does a normal basement remodel timeline and process look like?

Much like any home improvement-based project, your basement remodel starts with the planning stage. Once you’ve decided upon which contractor you trust the most to do the best job, and pay them an initial deposit, they will start working on the layout and blueprints. For an additional fee, your contractor can pull the building permits with your city or town. Once all of the design aspects are complete and the permits are issued by your local building department the construction can start. The first step of the construction phase is framing. That includes demolishing your basement’s current structure, and replacing it based on the new design.

The framing process typically takes 3-5 days to complete. Next is the installation of the rough electricity, HVAC and plumbing. That means the eclectic wires, HVAC ducts and vents, and plumbing pipes are installed inside the walls and ceilings before they are sealed up. For example, the electrical cables and wires are pulled through the frames and studs and directed into the ceiling and wall boxes. The plumbing is installed through holes in the framing. The pipes are then connected together. HVAC supply lines and returns are installed for ventilation purposes. The electrical switches, outlets and fixtures are not attached during the rough-in phase.

Neither are the plumbing fixtures such as the toilet, sinks, or shower heads. This phase also takes 3-5 days to complete. The next step is to have the work that’s been completed so far inspected by the local building inspector. The process typically takes one (1) day, but can be held up a bit based on the building inspector’s schedule. The next step is installation of the drywall on the walls and ceilings. It will take approximately five days to hang the drywall sheets, tape the seams, and mud the tape so that it blends in with the rest of the drywall. It usually takes 3 layers of mud and each layer needs to dry for one day before another layer is applied.

The trim process can take anywhere from 2-5 days. It involves installing the doors and door casings as well as the baseboards that cover the gap between the floor and the wall. Painting the walls and ceilings takes another 2-3 days. It also takes 2-3 days to install the flooring. The last step involves taking care of any touch ups, which is also called the punch list phase. That typically takes another 2-3 days. Once the touch ups are done, the building inspector will conduct a final inspection.

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