As you’re most likely aware, working from home has become increasingly popular in recent times. Chances are high that you may be working from home on a full time or even part time basis. If so, you need a dedicated office space. A basement remodeling project is the perfect way to gain that dedicated office without sacrificing needed space in your home like the guest bedroom or the family room. In addition, when your office is in the basement, it provides you with that much needed separation from the family, and all of their daily activities.

You do need to be able to concentrate while working after all. So, without further ado, here are a few ideas for your finished basement office. First and foremost, you should utilize colors that motivate you to actually sit down and get some work done. That means the color or colors that you have your finished basement office painted with will make a significant difference. The best color or colors are ones that make you feel cheerful. That way it will make you want to spend time in your office. When your office is comfortable, it goes a long way in increasing your overall productivity.

It’s a well-known fact that colors affect your mood. That’s why you need to choose colors that energize you. That being stated, you don’t need to necessarily use bright colors. For example, white paint shades can provide a bright and clean look that tends to put people in a good mood. Speaking of bright, the proper lighting also makes a big difference. Even if your basement is finished, it may not have natural sources of light. This holds particularly true if you don’t have full windows in your basement. You may need to add task lighting.

For example, overhead fixtures, floor lamps, wall sconces, and even a desk lamp goes a long way in providing you with enough lighting to motivate you to work. You can also purchase a lamp that mimics natural light. They’re great for your mood and are also good for plants. Did you know that plants are an important element for any home office? In essence, plants energize any room. They also naturally purify the air, which can be incredibly helpful in a finished basement since it’s typically underground and can smell damp.

According to many scientists, plants increase productivity because they improve task related performance, reduce negativity, and are good for your overall mood. If your finished basement office doesn’t have a ton of natural light, make sure to purchase plants that thrive without it. That way, your plans will stay happy and healthy.

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