When choosing colors for your new kitchen remodeling project, it’s imperative that you pick a scheme that not only fosters conversation, but also works in a functional manner. Taking these two factors into consideration will all but guarantee that your new kitchen design will stay in style for years on end. Utilizing new decorating trends and kitchen ideas provide you with the ability to show off your personality in the most active room in your entire house. However, there are a few colors that work in every kitchen no matter what your style is.

For example, white has been the most popular kitchen color over the past few years. It also stands the test of time. White is a color that can be used for cabinets, countertops,  wall paint, flooring, appliances or all of the above.  There is a vast variety of shades to choose from, and white is a crisp and clean color, which is perfect for a kitchen space. In essence, even some white accents will provide your new kitchen a light and airy look. Although all white kitchens remain an incredibly popular choice it can be utilized as a base and or accent color as well.

Bright colors are starting to gain popularity in the world of kitchen design. So, utilizing a white and bright color scheme provides you with the option to add a bold shade without it overwhelming the entire room. Many homeowners are starting to adopt a two color approach using a white base and adding color to the island or other feature that stands out in the room.

Green, and all of its shades, have become a popular kitchen color in recent years as homeowners want to bring the feeling of the outdoors inside their homes. In addition, green represents peace, positivity and harmony, which tends to add a calming effect in the busiest room in your home. Green is also one of those colors that will stand the test of time, which makes it more than a recent fad.

Black is also a popular choice amongst homeowners today. In essence, it adds an element of sophistication that you simply cannot achieve with other colors. Do not shy away from black because you feel it may be intimidating. When used properly, shades of black will add a luxurious feel to any kitchen space. It will also remain in style for years and years. You can always combine shades of black with green and or white colors, as they match well and look very nice together.

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