If you’re planning a kitchen remodeling or renovation project at your home then you may be asking yourself if it’s worth it to invest in custom kitchen cabinets instead or simply purchasing standard ones from a store. Only you can answer that question, however your new kitchen cabinets should be a direct reflection on the rest of your home. In essence, if you own a high-end property or would like to turn your existing home into one, custom kitchen cabinets are a must. In addition, with custom kitchen cabinets and the exclusive amenities that they offer, both the design and functionality is all but guaranteed to surpass that of your friends and neighbors.

The bottom line is that custom kitchen cabinets are pieces of art that bring the wow factor. So, what’s the main difference between standard store bought cabinets and ones that you have made for you on a custom basis? First and foremost, you will notice the finish choices that are available. Basic cabinets offer basic colors and finishes. This is due to the fact that the factory that they’re made in needs to keep things as simple and moving as fast as possible. On the other hand, custom kitchen cabinet companies create your units by hand and based on your exact specifications.

That means you can choose the materials, patterns, trim packages, and colors or stains. Custom kitchen cabinets also offer design flexibility and unlimited size variations. For example, they can be designed to accommodate your lifestyle and custom fitted to your home to within 1/16”. Due to the flexibility offered by custom cabinets, you can build to any width, depth or height. With custom cabinets you have functional space in areas where you would typically have fillers with standard units. In essence, you can utilize every cubic inch of space in your kitchen.

Custom kitchen cabinet companies use only the highest quality construction methods and base materials. That means they are far more durable, which goes a long way in avoiding maintenance related issues in the future. For example, custom kitchen cabinets are hand made with mortise and tenon joinery, which is both strong and durable. Last but certainly not least, custom kitchen cabinets include custom accessories that will help you stay more organized. Your custom cabinet maker will build and fit accessories that are based on your specified taste, style, and needs.

In conclusion, a custom kitchen with custom kitchen cabinets is one of the best investments you can make in your home. It increases the value of your property not only in dollars, but also in aesthetic and design appeal. Custom kitchen cabinets are worlds apart from their standard counterparts in finish applications, construction methods, space utilization, and design.

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